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Moving a piano is no easy feat here in Wellington. With many narrow, winding paths and multi-story residences, piano moving requires specialist technique & equipment. Big Camel’s staff are specially trained for piano relocations and are equipped with high quality tools to get the job done smoothly.
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Protecting Your Piano

Protecting your piano and property are our top priorities. Pianos are first prepared with blankets and shrink-wrap to ensure no damage to both the piano & the property.

Moving a Piano

Manpower is not the solution to moving a piano – it is impossible to fit 6 men around a piano through a tight staircase. We use our custom dollies to shift the piano. A sack barrow is used to navigate steps and tight corners. Our truck’s hydraulic tail lift make loading and unloading of the piano in the truck simple.

Piano Tuning

Moving a piano will affect it's tuning, so it’s always recommended to have them re-tuned after they have been relocated. We are proud to offer an extra tuning service with your piano relocation. Our team not only move pianos but are expert tuners, carrying all the necessary instruments to get your piano sounding brand new!

Let Us Make Your Piano Move Easy.

We are Wellington born & raised relocations specialists, offering a customer-focused service. Put your piano in the hands of our expert team. Call us or fill out our super quick form and get a price estimate for your move.
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